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Cueball Deflection & Laminated Shafts

One of the most common mistakes that amateur players make is to not consistently strike the cueball on it's center. This produces cueball deflection and many missed shots.

Cueball Deflection

When the cue tip strikes the cueball off center (right or left side) the dynamics of the cue pushes the cueball off of it's intended path.

The cueball is pushed in the opposite direction of the side on which it was struck. This is called “cueball deflection” , and this deflection is increased when more power is applied or when the distance between the cueball and object ball increases.

Just half a cue tip off center (right or left side) can cause considerable cueball deflection and even though the shot is sighted correctly, the pot can be missed. For most players this can be due to a poorly stroked shot or that the they are getting the wrong information from a dominant eye that makes them think that they are hitting the center of the cueball.

Radially Laminated Shafts

The latest technology in snooker cues is now available as 1-piece , 2-piece , and ¾ shaft cues (Ash or Maple).

These shafts can be more flexable without changing its weight or strength, this is important in reducing cueball deflection. And the strength of the shaft becomes equalized in all directions. A regular shaft naturally grows with a grain. The strength of a radially laminated shaft is unequal, it is more flexable bending with the grain and stiffer bending across the grain.

It does not matter how the cue is held or where the tip strikes the cueball (topspin , bottom draw , left or right english) the stiffness of a radially laminated shaft will be equal, giving you better control.

These lower deflecting cues make the game easier.

Other factors that increase cueball deflection:

Tip size – In snooker tip sizes of 9.5mm to 10mm are good , above 10.25mm will increase cueball deflection. Below 9.25mm the shaft losses its power.

Ferrule type – Although brass ferrules have been the industry standard for many years , this is mostly due to there durability. The softer black fiber ferrules will produce less cueball deflection because the hardness is more similar to wood and the tip can compress more rather than pushing off the cueball quickly.

Shaft tapers – Shafts that are tapered “too stiff” will easily push the cueball off its intended path. Shaftwood density and grain count will determine slight variations in shaft tapers.

About Kevin De Roo

Since 1988 Kevin DeRoo has been professionally producing snooker & pool cues of the highest standard, made of quality hardwoods from around the world.

As a life-long player Kevin understands the critical importance of cue ball control, or 'feel'.

In the early 1970's, following in his fathers footsteps, Kevin started an apprenticship in carpentry. After 19 years in the industry he became efficient in custom millwork, architechtually designed cabinetry, and antique furniture replica work. But he longed to be more artistic ... more creative.

Kevin was introduced to snooker in 1969 and realizing the skill and discipline required to play the game well was very attractive to him. Entering local tournaments and becoming a respected name in the game was soon to follow.

As a master craftsman he combines his knowledge of wood density and balance to produce custom cues. Each hand crafted to improve your ability.

In 1978 Kevin combined his craftsmanship as a woodworker with his passion for the game and started doing cue repair work. It was the beginning of a long journey into learning about woods, machinery, accuracy, and art.

Today his shaft woodwork is world renound for its perfected tapering and stabilizing techniques that knowledgable players demand.

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Marco Fu
2007 Grand Prix Champion

The choice of Marco Fu is our 3/4 Maple shaft – model S8

One of 6 "Pros" using DeRoo cues.

Paul Potier
2-time Canadian Nine-ball Champion

"As a professional pool player I am very lucky. Any cue maker would be happy if a professional played with their cue. I choose to play with a Kevin DeRoo cue. I love the hit, balance, and small butt. Kevin takes great pride in his work and it shows in all of his products. I would not hesitate to recommend a Kevin DeRoo cue to anyone."

Jimmy Wych
1999 Canadian Snooker Champion

"I would not hesitate to recommend a cue from Kevin De Roo to any player, no matter what level they may be at. The workmanship and quality that go into each and every cue make them one of the finest on the market."